Is it possible to avoid watermark for simple edits?

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If I just open Hitfilm Express, new project, import one of my MP4 videos, set the out-point and export ("facebook 720p") then it's adding a watermark. Is export now a paid feature or am I missing something I need to disable that's enabled somewhere?

HitFilm Express Version 2022.1 (

Under options-activation it says "License plan: free & License Type: Subscription".

System: Windows 10, Dell latitude 5480 Laptop, i5-7200, GPU: Intel HD 620, 16GB RAM



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    Thank you Triforcefx!! While looking into the problem I had read that higher resolutions required premium but I thought that was to do with the export setting. In my case, the project setting had got changed to a "higher than 1080p" custom setting when I imported my videos so that was obviously the problem. Changing it back as you suggested has removed the watermark. Thank you so much for the quick response. I really appreciate the help. J.
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    @jhsubscribe Yeah, it is a bit confusing. I’ve asked the developers to look into making the 1080p limit only apply to Export, not the rest of the project, since Export is the only thing that matters for the final rendered project. Hopefully this is addressed in a patch/future version.

    Glad this worked out for you though!