I have the free Hitfilm trial but i still get watermarks without having any pro addons added

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  • KirstieT
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    Hey @Decton - sorry to hear you're having trouble! There's a few things that could be happening here, but it will be specific to your project. I'm assuming you've double-checked to make sure that you don't have anything added which has a flag telling you to [Upgrade], and that you're not exporting to 4K?

    If you've already done those things and you're still having the issue, could you contact support and they'll get back to you asap?

  • tddavis
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    If what I have seen posted is any indicator, the biggest hidden cause of the anomalous watermarks is trying to make vertical i.e. Tik Tok, Insta content which apparently triggers the size of the project limits Just food for thought.