Do you ever look at your "earned badges" in your forum profile?

alaska_vfx_filmer AlaskaPosts: 564 Enthusiast

Its actually quite interesting, I for instance discovered that:

1. I have been on for 5 years (I actually think it's been longer, because I also own HE4, and HE2 and both are not listed in my profile)

2. I am one of only 41 users who have posted over 500 times, right there next to Inscape Digital, and Rody Polis (that's Jevert and Action VFX)

I dont emember posting that many times, but that's insane, considering this is a software forum, I must have been BSing alot.๐Ÿ˜†

Anyway, absoutly crazy how time flies, thanks to everyone who makes this forum a safe fun place to learn together.