[ENHANCEMENT] Express Add-on Support in HitFilm Free

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FXhome needs to support Express add-on packs in HitFilm Free. I've been a HitFilm user for many years now, and over time I have bought many add-on packs from the FXhome store. I use these add-ons in almost every project that I create. But when I tried the newest update of HitFilm (HitFilm Free) I no longer had access to them. Because of this, I have no option but to use the old version of HitFilm Express. HitFilm Free has some cool features, but it also has some major setbacks for some users like me. I would appreciate it so much if this problem would be resolved (or else I might switch to DaVinci Resolve (Get it? Resolved... Resolve? No? Whatever.)).


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    This isn't going to happen. The bottom line is FXhome has shifted to a subscription based model with perpetual licenses for Pro. This is incompatible with the prior model. As you are aware, you can continue to use your prior version of Express for as long as you wish, but the bottom line is the add on store isn't returning in the foreseeable future.

    User NormanPCN already laid out some of the business realities behind some changes to Hitfilm over the years, and I've added an additional comment in the linked thread below. My own comment noted that FXhome was literally losing money on/subsidizing users who purchased Mocha and Boris - FXhome was paying the third party vendors the varied update fees so users could have a perpetual add on, but FXhome still needs to make money to pay for their recent staff expansions, office space, coding and testing machines and other expenses. A business model in which the company loses money on customer purchases isn't indefinitely sustainable.