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FXhome needs to support Express add-on packs in HitFilm Free. I've been a HitFilm user for many years now, and over time I have bought many add-on packs from the FXhome store. I use these add-ons in almost every project that I create. But when I tried the newest update of HitFilm (HitFilm Free) I no longer had access to them. Because of this, I have no option but to use the old version of HitFilm Express. HitFilm Free has some cool features, but it also has some major setbacks for some users like me. I'm totally fine with them getting rid of the add-on store and moving to a subscription platform, but for the users that already own add-ons, they should be able to still use them, because we actually paid money to buy them, and we don't want to see that just disappear without any sort of refund or notification whatsoever. The fact that add-ons were no longer supported were definitely swept under the rug when the new version was announced, and it wasn't until users, like myself, tried it out, and found that our add-ons were gone. I have been a supporter of HitFilm for many years, and I still recommend it to anyone who is interested in video creation. As a longtime supporter and fan of HitFilm Express, I wish FXhome all the best.


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    This isn't going to happen. The bottom line is FXhome has shifted to a subscription based model with perpetual licenses for Pro. This is incompatible with the prior model. As you are aware, you can continue to use your prior version of Express for as long as you wish, but the bottom line is the add on store isn't returning in the foreseeable future.

    User NormanPCN already laid out some of the business realities behind some changes to Hitfilm over the years, and I've added an additional comment in the linked thread below. My own comment noted that FXhome was literally losing money on/subsidizing users who purchased Mocha and Boris - FXhome was paying the third party vendors the varied update fees so users could have a perpetual add on, but FXhome still needs to make money to pay for their recent staff expansions, office space, coding and testing machines and other expenses. A business model in which the company loses money on customer purchases isn't indefinitely sustainable.

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    Yeah, NO words, NO mail, NO communication on this!

    If I update my add-ons are gone. THANK YOU!

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    @loop3000 I have seen stated numerous times on the Forum, that even if you download and set up new Free version. You can still have your previous Express version with addons installed to use when you need it/them. The only caveat is only one can be running at a time.

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    @loop3000 You may want to check your email settings and make certain FXhome emails are not going to your spam folder. I got the emails (on both my Hitfilm accounts), and watched the launch video on YouTube and read the release blogs on this site. Emails, videos and website blogs are all communication. Sorry you missed the multiple announcements.

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    When the main reason really were not making enough money, then I don't see why not offering an additional option to buy specific add-ons, like before. There isn't even a possibility to buy add-ons for Version 2021.3 anymore. I would really like to support FXHome with my money, but only for things I really need and only in the way I prefer.
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    Whether or not everyone else says it can't be done, it is still something that just needs to be addressed. It's unethical to literally take away something that someone else owns. It's called stealing.

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    @callarman6 Hitfilm Express is a product that no longer exists for download. It made use of add-ons and will still continue to operate and access them up to version 2021.2 or 3 ish. So no one at FxHome has stolen anything in reality.

    Hitfilm Free cannot. No way. Nohow ever use those addons because it's very structure has changed from Express.

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    @tddavis If they can't afford to keep up the compatibility of add-ons in the new version of HitFilm, then how on earth can they afford to keep them in the old version??? That just doesn't make any sense! They have software developers. Surely they can make a solution to bridge the add-ons that OG users purchased back in the day. It's a huge disservice to all of HitFilm's original supporters. Do they really expect us to just use the old version forever??? Don't they want us to use their new software???? There's nothing holding me back from switching to Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve. They can't stop me from creating videos. If anyone is going to lose anything, it's FXhome. They're going to continue losing users and supporters if they don't change this soon. I could literally just finish all of my current HitFilm projects and have nothing to do with the software ever again if I wanted to!

    Have you guys heard of the whole thing like this with Filmora? They took away people's licenses who had paid for a lifetime subscription in the previous versions. People on social media spoke up about it, and eventually, Filmora finally listened to everyone's complaints! That story is what fueled me to push this request again, in hopes that FXhome would finally listen like Filmora did. Doing things like this just makes you look selfish more than anything else. And sure, it might get you more money, but is it really the right way to make more money if people are not satisfied in the end with your product? This software is good enough that you guys don't have to be dishonest for people to buy it. If more people are satisfied with the product, then they will recommend it to more people, and that could be more income from the software! In the past, Artlist music was doing the same thing with not being very clear about their licenses. They disguised an annual license in what looked like a monthly subscription. But thankfully, they have clarified on their website now what is an annual subscription and a real monthly license. Please FXhome, listen to my request. It's not only the best for users of HitFilm, but for you guys as well. It's not only the right thing, but in the end you guys will benefit more from it.

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    FXhome was losing money on Express ads ons. Certain components in Hitfilm are third party tech, and, for example, when Hitfilm upgraded the entire core engine in v15 a lot of payments went out to other vendors. Mocha and BCC add ons - every time an Express user got those plugins updated, FXhome picked up the tab.

    To answer your question about "How can they afford to keep them in the old version?" Well. They're already purchased, aren't being updated, thus FXhome isn't going to continue to lose money. Those who have those products can continue to download the relevant Installers.

    Regarding Filmora - oh those lifetime subscriptions are still gone. Sure Filmora said "Lifetime" subscribers will get v9. Note Filmora said v9. Not "Everything, again, lifetime, forever." Filmora kicked the problem down the curb for a year.

    You're still comparing apples and oranges here.

    If you wish to switch software, I'll suggest Resolve... See, you're overlooking something about Adobe. There is no free version, and if you stop paying then they will turn your software off. Adobe is an expensive rental, and, if video isn't how you make your living it's throwing money away.

    Now Resolve - hey, Blackmagic bought that to use as a sweetener. Resolve isn't a money maker for Blackmagic - their cameras, switchers, color correction consoles, format converters, replay decks, hardware keyers and other hardware are how Blackmagic stays in business. Hell, go buy a Blackmagic camera and they'll give you Resolve "free." You do want the studio version... The free version is missing half the features and free version users get no tech support.

    Incidentally, Hitfilm Free users get tech support. Yup, people who never spend a dime on FXhome product still lose the company money because, gosh, Support Staff get paid.

    Maybe you want to rethink that "theft" comment. FXhome still makes all old product available - there are people on this forum still using the pre-Hitfilm product line - so nothing you purchased is taken away. Hitfilm still has a free tier, still has a Pro Perpetual license option. Personally I think there needed to be a couple of intermediate subscription tiers with different effects levels, but as far as your "bridge" comment about bringing the old add ons into the current subscription model? Re-read the paragraph above about how FXhome lost money on add ons and are everyone's upgrade costs for years. Then read it again and again until you get it. Your wish puts Hitfilm back in the position of eating upgrade costs again.

    Oh, FFS I see we've been looping this discussion for months.

    @DanBor you should alla read the paragraph about FXhome eating update costs. One-time add on purchases are not going to come back. Yeah, I'm not thrilled about it either, but that's just the reality of the situation. There are multiple users (for example) who bought the Mocha add on in 2018. Now FXhome made NO MONEY off that - it all went to Boris. The Mocha add on was updated in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 (before the sub model came out) the update cost charges to FXhome was basically the same as the initial cost. FXhome lost $200 on each of these users.

    Now multiply that by everyone who bought BCC in 2018.

    Now add in the people who bought Mocha and BCC in 2019. Each of those plug ins that year coat FXhome $150.

    The 2020 buyers cost FXhome $100.

    The 2021 buyers cost FXhome $50.

    I don't have exact figures, but, from my time as FXhome Ambassador I know about 90% of users used Free Express with no add ons. I know under 5% bought Pro and it's the Pro users who subsidized the money lost on add-ons by the rest and the costs of offering tech support to the Free users.

    Now, do we all understand the situation? Can we stop having the discussion? Artlist has made the business decisions they have made and they're not going back to a model that lost money. It is what it is. Use HitFilm Free, get a subscription, get a Perpetual license or switch to Resolve.

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    @Triem23 take a look at the update regarding filmora....the community called Filmora's B.S and the community got what they wanted. https://youtu.be/Xy1HiWGchMg

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    @Triem23 The reason I mentioned Premiere is because I already have it, and have been using it for the past few months. And the only add-ons that FXhome had to pay other companies for was Mocha and Boris FX. The rest of them are all their own software, and they wouldn't lose their money updating them any more than they would lose money updating the Free version of HitFilm (at least from what I understand).

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    I agree with @Triem23, this discussion is happening over and over again. He has explained the situation plenty of times. You can still buy perpetual licenses if that suits best for you. Even the Pro subscription at its current price isn't expensive (€188 a year). You get a pretty solid software with Mocha, Boris BCC and a 3D camera tracker all included alonside a bunch of great effects.

    Subscription has never been a bad thing. Mocha Pro is a good example. I use Mocha Pro from time to time when I'm working on a video that require it. I don't need to invest €695 buying the perpetual version when I'm not using it that often. That's where having a subcription is useful. I can pay a month or two during the post-production stage then stop.

    I see a lot of HitFilm Free users that maybe aren't even considering the idea of a monthly payment (not the annual sub). You can always edit a bunch of videos, pay a month to export them all and you're done.

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    To be clear, I am not saying that the new subscription model is bad. It's just that they took away my addons that I purchased as a perpetual feature that would always be associated with my account, and now they're now only available in outdated software. I get the deal with Mocha and BorisFX how they have to keep paying to keep those perpetual addons up to date, but I still don't understand why they can't keep the addons that unlock their own effects and features. If there is an answer to that question, then I would really appreciate it if you guys would let me know. But from my perspective, it seems like FXhome just took them away just to make us pay for subscriptions. It doesn't help that they didn't even mention the fact that addons were now gone from the new version in any of their announcements. If they would have clearly stated that, and their reasons, I would have been bummed out, but I would have appreciated them at least letting us know. But they didn't, and we can't go back in time to fix that.

    So here's my final thoughts and questions. From my perspective, it seems like it would be the best for both FXhome and their users if they gave us back our addons, other than BorisFX and Mocha. The reason I think that is because the users would be getting what they paid for, and FXhome would be getting more users in their new software. The new software is great, minus the things that they took away from Express (4K export and addons), and it would be fantastic if at least the addons were brought back. Again, to clarify, I don't mean that we need the addon store again. Although it was great, the subscription plans are totally fine, and relatively affordable. What I am saying is that for users who have paid for addons in the past should be able to continue using them in the new version of the software. I have actually bought a lot of addons in the past, totaling in a pretty decent amount of money that I spent on them. I bought them because they would always be linked with my account. Or at least, that is what I thought at the time. Now please FXhome, if there is any reason holding you back from addressing this issue, please let me know.

    So here's my final request:

    Bring back our addons minus the 3rd party ones. I understand how FXhome was losing money with Mocha and BCC, but all of the other effects that are not 3rd party plugins get updated in the free version whether you have a subscription or not. And keep the subscription-based licenses. I am not saying that we need to bring back the addon store.

    Also sorry if I was a little bit too fired up in some of my last responses. For example, my "stealing" post may not have been 100% accurate (note: I said "not 100%").

    If you guys have any real responses or comments about this now, please let me know. I am open to any real, honest reasons for this decision, and any options for how we can make HitFilm better for everyone.