Why do my videos export with a watermark?

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Hi, I'm new to HitFilm and I downloaded the free software and activated my account. As far as I know this is not HitFilm Express. Whenever I try and export my project, it exports with the watermark overlayed on the video. I am not using any effects that I'm aware of but I did add free music that came with the software under the music library.

I am using the default Youtube HD settings or (Template: 1080p Full HD @25 fps). The width and height of the project is 1920px width x 1080px height

If I go to Settings>Activation, my free license shows up and I have the option to 'Deactivate Program'

I have tried deactivating and resigning in as per previous discussions I have seen.

Is there anything else I'm missing?


  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    I'd start by going through any effects or options that you used, You might have added one without noticing, Paid effects and options will have the "Upgrade" button next to them.

    Then I'd try restarting the program, and see if you're still having issues.

    Good luck

  • CRodriguezArt
    CRodriguezArt Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
    Thanks for the reply, I couldn't find any effects used that would cause this. I went ahead and started a new project without any music and still getting a watermark. The only effect I'm using is the Speed/Duration but I don't see any 'upgrade' option. Not sure what could be the cause.
  • alaska_vfx_filmer
    alaska_vfx_filmer AlaskaPosts: 556 Enthusiast

    Double check the size of your composite shots/editor and footage. I haven't tried it myself, but I've heard other users have had similar issues, they make a composite shot that is in 4k to match their footage, and it gets watermarked, even when exporting in 1080.

    If that doesn't work id suggest opening a support ticket