Imerge Pro - light flares and light leaks?!

davegreen Posts: 11 Enthusiast

hi there i was hoping to be able to replicate the image on the imerge homepage (attached) and figured that there would be something in the lights and flares category like the awesome options in hitfilm. But i can't find anything that will achieve a similar effect . Am i missing something?

many thanks


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  • DibsMcCallum
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    Hi there @davegreen this should be possible with Imerge, the effect is slightly different to the one found in Hitfilm, but you should be able to use the Light Rays effect found in the Lights and Flares category to achieve a very similar result.

    As you can see from my image taken in an abandoned chapel, I have added the lens flare effect and this is how it behaves/reacts to the light from the window with very minimal adjustments, this can be further tweaked to allow less or more light falloff etc.

    The effect can be added to the image layer or via an adjustment layer.

    Please can we check what version of the program you are using and the system specs of the machine you are using Imerge with and we will be happy to help further.

  • JavertValbarr
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    The original image wasn't mine, but in addition to what Dibs said:

    There isn't a specific Lens Flare effect in Imerge, but if you have pictures of lens dirt or something similar you could certainly overlay and composite them into the scene.


  • Andy001z
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    @JavertValbarr was this one of your images? Can you help?

  • davegreen
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    Thanks for your replies, guys. I am opting for a imerge --> Hitfilm workflow. I did play with ilght rays but it's definitely the HItflim light leaks and light flares that i need. I have tweaked the colours in imerge and imported the imerge file into hitfilm to add light flares and light leaks and then just export frame. It seems to do what i need.

    It would be great if this was possible in imerge in the future or if there was a bridge between the two?!

    I think it might be a good idea to update that 'lights and flares section' on the imerge homepage, though, as it's not showing something that is currently possible with the lights and flares functionality of imerge and is a little misleading. That dibsMcCallum shot would be a perfect replacement :)

    thanks again

  • Triem23
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    You can export an Imerge project as a Hitfilm Composite Shot. Should come over with all layers, masks and effects intact and editable.

    I use Hitfilm for photo editing all the time. I actually put together a quickie montage a couple of days ago using Affinity Photo to do some paint out/background replacement (now why didn't I do that in Imerge?), then brought all the elements into Hitfilm for composite and grade. But Hitfilm is one of my 'secret weapons" for photo work.

  • DibsMcCallum
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    @davegreen if you would like to request new additions for Imerge we are always happy for our users to do so.

     The best way to request features is to add them to our wishlist thread on the forum.

  • davegreen
    davegreen Posts: 11 Enthusiast

    Thanks for the tip. I'm a little new to Imerge and HItfilm so still just kicking the tyres but i can definitely see how they can be integrated into my workflow. like you say the compositing and grading tools are pretty great. and i loves to add some light flares, leaks and lens dirt to my arch vis renders, so i think we'll be very happy together :)