Imerge Pro - light flares and light leaks?!

davegreen Posts: 11 Enthusiast

hi there i was hoping to be able to replicate the image on the imerge homepage (attached) and figured that there would be something in the lights and flares category like the awesome options in hitfilm. But i can't find anything that will achieve a similar effect . Am i missing something?

many thanks


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  • Dibz
    Dibz QA Tester Posts: 178 Staff
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    Hi there @davegreen this should be possible with Imerge, the effect is slightly different to the one found in Hitfilm, but you should be able to use the Light Rays effect found in the Lights and Flares category to achieve a very similar result.

    As you can see from my image taken in an abandoned chapel, I have added the lens flare effect and this is how it behaves/reacts to the light from the window with very minimal adjustments, this can be further tweaked to allow less or more light falloff etc.

    The effect can be added to the image layer or via an adjustment layer.

    Please can we check what version of the program you are using and the system specs of the machine you are using Imerge with and we will be happy to help further.

  • JavertValbarr
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    The original image wasn't mine, but in addition to what Dibs said:

    There isn't a specific Lens Flare effect in Imerge, but if you have pictures of lens dirt or something similar you could certainly overlay and composite them into the scene.