Hitfilm 17 constantly crashing (mostly while exporting video)

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Look, my parents are divorced so I work half of the time on a pc, and the other half on my laptop to edit videos for Youtube. On the pc Hitfilm works perfectly fine, but on my laptop it constantly crashes, like every 6 minutes it does that and if I am exporting a video it does it even more often then that.

I have found some other people with the same problem on the internet, but none of the solutions worked for me.

I know that my laptop is not the ideal machine to edit videos on and I do understand that the program would be slower but it constantly crashing is really bad in my opinion, and no I am not ragging on the Hitfilm-team, I think they are amazing :).

My computer specs are: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1035G1 CPU 1GHz, 16 GB RAM

I use Hitfilm 17 and I export in mp4, I've heard that mp4 could be a problem but I couldn't find how to change that to a other file. Oh and I use a external drive to get files from the pc to my computer I don't know if that is a problem but just so you know.


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    @MaazBaaz Unfortunately, HitFilm 17 (2021.2) had a lot of issues. There were a lot of bugs as they were working on introducing various new features.

    Your PC should be fully capable of handling the final update for HitFilm 18 (2021.3), which is a lot more stable. When updating, be sure to save a copy of your project in case you need to revert back to the earlier version. You can download that version here:


    You might also consider checking out the latest version, 2022.1, which introduces the new Artlist features for HitFilm and from what I’ve seen, it runs even better than 2021.3. It uses a new license however, so if you purchased any addons, they will NOT transfer over to the newest version- in which case it might be best to stick with 2021.3 for the time being.

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    Best bet is to contact support: