Do my old HFE plugins load into the new free Hitfilm?

zaubermac Posts: 7 Enthusiast


Hoping someone can save me uninstalling, installing, reinstalling just to find out if the new version of HF gratis will support the plugins I bought with HFE?



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  • Triem23
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    It won't. The new Hitfilm is a completely different program from Hitfilm Express and your old add ons will not carry over.

    You are, of course, free to keep using your old Express license as long as you want.


  • zaubermac
    zaubermac Posts: 7 Enthusiast

    Ok, thanks!

    I'll keep HFE on my laptop for quick projects while I get Resolve/Fusion up and going on my main desktop. I'd been holding out to see what /\rtlist would do with HF, and now we have that answer. I do wish them the best though.

    As always, I appreciate your help; here and on the ActionVFX forum!