New to hitfilm and I wanted to ask about previewing effects?

hobbowizard Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

HI I have been a long time use of Adobe products and after many years of frustration at the never ending bugs and instability I finally gave up and looked at the free options. After using hit film for one day I am very keen on using this professionally. It managed to export a project that adobe premiere for some reason could not export.

I am a bit confused though as I am trying to simply apply a curve to my video to increase the brightness and contrast but it does not seem to be doing anything to the video preview I can see.

Am I missing something? Do I have to render it?

There is a little white circle next to the curve effect in the control section and I clicked this as I thought this might activate the effect. But it still seems to be doing nothing.

I have already used the effects to boost the audio and this all worked without any issue.

I looked at the help and it seems this should be working.

If anyone could help me it would end two days of frustration trying to export this incredibly simple video lol..

Thanks and I am excited to use some new software that is not a buggy mess! It is also very familiar in its lay out and already has some features that were sorely missing from the windows version of premiere mainly the ability to zoom in and out on the timeline using the pinch gesture on my track pad.

Any guidance would be much appreciated many thanks.