[Enhancement] In-to-out Area Snapping

MatthewJenkinson Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

As it is right now, you can move and expand or contract clips, and with snapping on, they will snap to the in-to-out area in the time-line.

I would find it useful if it worked the other way around as well, such that when snapping is turned on, and the in-to-out area is being dragged, it will snap to the edges of clips.

This would be useful for me as I use Export->Export Now->In-to-out Area in projects where I want to keep some footage on the timeline for later, but only want to export a certain part of it, and in this case I sometimes don't know the length of what I would like to export until I have finished editing it, and I would not like black frames at the beginning or end of what I export. Currently, I have to zoom all the way in to line up the in-to-out area with the clips perfectly.