Is there anyway to use older versions of Hitfilm Express`?

elven_cookies Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

I recently downloaded the current version of hitfilm, but each time I try to open it the program crashes. It has left me in a perpetual loop of logging in over and over in hopes of it working. I did some digging and I think my current specs might be below the current hitfilm software that is out. I've seen suggestions of going to older versions of hitfilm & that might solve the issue I'm dealing with. However upon downloading an older version that DOES open up, I found that I can't unlock it. I need a liscense to do so but they stopped giving out liscenes in June 2022. So what am I supposed to do? This software seems esy to use but it's frustrating I can't seem to use older versions with my account.

So am I missing something? Or is there actually a way that I can access old versions (that i can unlock)?? Please help me.