Opening HF pro and free plan compatible?

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With the Free plan and HF pro subscription plan are those two software still compatible? If a User from the free plan makes simple cuts and sends the free plan version of Hitfilm, will the HF Pro user be able to open that Express(free plan software) successfully? Thanks.

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  • triforcefx
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    Yes, if the Free user wanted to use some Pro effects, they could also add those… it would watermark on their copy, but the pro user could export without watermarks (same as always)

  • Triem23
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    I'd say even more compatible than prior versions. With the old Express/Pro model there were literally two separately coded versions of the software where Express flat out didn't have certain features coded, while adding in the extra code for managing a couple dozen add on packs. The current version is a single, unified program that merely has functioned locked behind your subscription tier/perpetual license, which means there should be no issues passing projects between Free and Pro users. In fact, passing something from Pro to Express is less likely to cause issues as the 30 ish exclusive 2021.3 and earlier Pro effects no longer need to be stripped from the project on import into lower tiers.

    All Pro functions are now accessible in free, except Mocha, Boris and Foundry, thus one could use every function in Free, knowing those "above your tier" will watermark on export. A Pro user would be able to export with no issues.