Question about the new subscription tiers for Hitfilm

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Prior to the newest release, there was HitFilm Express, add ons, and Pro. However, now what is the difference between the "Free" tier and the "Creator" tier? I saw that there are templates and stock assets, but what I am asking about is the 60 added effects, what made the cut?


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    From my understanding, Creator tier is very comparable to the highest level of the Pay-what-you-want program in the old Express. At the moment, there’s not a great way to see the added effects, but if you download the new version of HitFilm (it can be installed alongside any previous versions), you can scroll through the Effects panel and mouse over the Upgrade button for a tool-tip that will tell you the tier you need to upgrade to in order to get that effect. (I know this isn’t a great solution, but it’s the best I’ve seen so far)

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    The best way to think about it, free is a NLE editor with some templates and stock from artlist. Creator is NLE + effects while pro has mocha tracker, 3d model support and such.

    The old express addons tiere is not comparable with the new pricing structure.

    Fxhome basically allowed all paid express add-ons to be used on each new express version, unlike pro users that had to pay upgrade price each year. I'm guessing that this was not a sustainable model.

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    Many of the add-ons to Express are not available in Creator. Rather, Creator is Express with little more than a basic set of add-ons.

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    Has anyone done a full side-by-side feature comparison list? I know FXhome won't but I'd certainly be interested in seeing what is and isn't included compared to my older Express install.

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    In the free version of the Stroke effect mentioned in the highlight note,

    You can experiment, but you will see watermarks on the output.

    I don't think there are any new effects added to the free version.

    What's changed I think that's all that was mentioned in the release notes.

    At some point, FXHOME decided to make a clear difference from the pro version.

    No effects were added to the free version.

    How is that a side effect of slow development like a tortoise?

    will be.