60FPS -> 30FPS?

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I'm creating a video with the 1080p 30FPS preset and have some 60FPS footage that I want to slow down. In my mind cutting the clip speed in HitFilm Express to 50% should make it run at 30FPS right? Well the footage in question just looks choppy. Am I doing this wrong?



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    Try changing the Frame Rate of the clip in HitFilm using the checkbox next to the frame rate option (seen in the top screenshot), you can then set it to 30fps - or 29.97 which is half of 59.96. This will then half the speed of the clip, if you plan on using the clip at normal speed, you could duplicate the footage layer in the media tab and set its Frame Rate back to from file.

    I hope this helps!

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    Yes, change the frame rate in the media panel for stuff you want slowed. Import the media twice if you want both speeds.

    Hitfilm frame rate resampling does not work as expected. e.g. like other software. What happens is the 60 fps gets imported, placed on a 30fps timeline, and thus resampled to 30 fps normal speed. Only then does the slow mo get added which operates on the 30fps and not the 60fps data flow. Thus you get something that can look choppy/jumpy.

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