IT IS HERE!!! The wait is over.

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FXhome by Artlist have launched a brand new website and a brand new line up of options to get your hands on FXhome goodies.

Yes it's gone subscription, but don't panic or scream the place down with NOooooooooo!!!! it's ok you can still buy the perpetual licences, they are still there and the deals they are offering well frankly they are a steal!

Please me nice and stick the the rules of the forum rules in your responses. The team have done an amazing job and it is early days so there might be a few teething issues. This is my thread, I'm not staff, I am a fan. So if you step too far into the red mist I will delete your comment from my thread. That said, what do you think, a good direction?



  • jtjutsvfx
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    I am super excited to start looking around the new version of HitFilm! My only qualm is that all of my add ons,

    • 3D: Model Render
    • Mocha HitFilm
    • Audio: Toolkit
    • VFX: Damage
    • Color: Cine
    • 3D: Particles
    • Behaviors: Starter
    • VFX: Retro
    • VFX: Lighting
    • VFX: Neon Lights
    • Motion: Audio Visual
    • Composite: Pro Keying
    • Composite: Toolkit
    • Edit: Beautify
    • Color: LUT
    • Edit: Repair
    • VFX: Starter
    • Color: Starter
    • Edit: Starter
    • Style: Dark Theme
    • Motion: Puppet
    • VFX: Lighting 2, that I purchased for HitFilm Express are gone and I see no way of getting them back, however the new prices are so affordable I will probably just subscribe to the pro plan. Getting the Foundry's camera tracker will be some thing that I have wanted for years!
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    @Andy001z is first off the mark 😂 I've set up an announcement thread here: Could I just ask that everyone posts their comments in there, then it'll be nice and easy for us to respond quickly, and all the info will be in the right place.

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    @KirstieT I've closed this one, I just wanted to share the news.

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