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What is XML data type? I have a Sony camera and all the videos come along with XML data?

What is XML used for? Thanks


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    This is tricky to define. XML was designed as a web-markup programming language ("eXtensable Markup Language"), but with any language, you can more or less define what you want. For example, XML can be used for EDL transfer between NLEs (badly - cuts only). On1 PhotoRaw, as an example, stores edit data in XML "sidecar" files.

    You should be able to open the XML data in a text editor to see what's in there but it's likely Metadata and maybe catalog data for the software Sony would have shipped with your camera. It probably useful data wiry the correct (Sony) software but can be safely deleted if you use non Sony software for editing. Probably. I assume camera Metadata is stored in the RAW/JPEG files. Since most video formats don't support all the Metadata of stills you might find things like GPS data and camera/lens settings, which is useful to know in many situations (like giving Foundry Tracker accurate lens/sensor data). Bottom line is open a file and see if the information is useful, but you can delete the files without affecting the vids.

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    Thanks for the explanation! I have always deleted the XML files anyway but never knew what XML was. :)

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    Fun fact, HitFilm project files (and most other NLE files) are actually just XML files and can be read as text in an XML editor. The contents and layouts are unique to each NLE though, so you can’t open a project in a different NLE from its source.