"file not supported" when i try to import more of 17 media files

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I don't know if is a common issue or it's only a isolate case. but let me explane you what's happens. as i wrote above in the title, when i try to import more of 17 or 15 media (.mov) the other media shows as unavailable or not supported. the first media have a previews and working but when i click "reload" even in the working media, that file shown as not supported. (strange uh?) i hope you can help me

my machine is a fresh core i7 (Laptop) @ 2.40 Ghz and 2.39 Ghz

Video - Nvidia Geforce 840m / Intel HD Graphics 4600 (Combo)

16 Gb Ram

Windows 8.1 (x64)


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    Most likely, this issue is related to the codec used by your video files, and the fact that Quicktime on Windows is a 32-bit applciation.  converting hte files so that they use a proper edting codec will likely sort this out for you.  What codec do the .mov files currently use?

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    I suspect this is directly related to the issue reported by @michaeljames, which you can read about here: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/5851/hitfilm-3-pro-froze-when-importing-media

    We've identified an issue with importing large quantities of Quicktime files and are working on it.

    Edit: Incidentally, this is most likely related to Quicktime itself being rather under-developed on Windows. Importing large quantities of Quicktime videos on Mac appears to be working fine. 

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    Thank you guys for the answers! there is an update of that issue. fist of all this quicktime movs, comes directly from canon 5d Mk3 (not raw), so , when i try to import even 1 mov, there is a   "loading" animation, taking forever, then when i move the mouse in timeline, The program stuck, and i have to do a force exit. i'm new to hitfilm but i'm pretty sure that is a problem about FXQTServer.exe. but i don't know how resolve it

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    I have Hitfilm Express 2017 not the pro version here is my problem: When I want to Import a video from my Sony W-810 Kamera there stands File Not Supportet what can i do please help.

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    @Andivlogt your camera records AVI files with a MotionJPEG at 640x480 or 1280x720  in 30p. @CedricBonnier does Hitfilm support that? 

    You may need to convert your footage into another format before import into Hitfilm. 

    This video discusses file format, then covers several different free tools and settings for file conversion. 



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    It should work, @Andivlogt could you post the output of MediaInfo please?

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