What happens if you change frame rate in Project Settings?

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The reason why I ask. I have a project that's nearly done and I've added a 50fps clipto the timeline and slowed it down to 50%. I noticed it was flickering when I exported the video to a 25fps video. I couldn't find what's wrong untill I realized my frame rate was set to 25 in my project settings and as soon you drag a clip to the timeline it actually converts it to 25fps. So the flickering I had before was there for obvious reasons since it exported it as a 12.5fps clip.

I found that if I change my project settings to 50fps and then export to 25fps I don't have any flickering anymore but my question is, are there other things changing in my file I'm not immediately noticing? It'd be devistating to change it to 50fps and continue to work on the project to notice somethings wrong due to changing it to 50fps.

Thank you in advance people!

I'm sure someone out there knows the answer :)