introduction of myself

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hi video / film / animation enthusiasts,

i joint the bandwagon just yesterday! coming from apple fcpx & motion. my 2d animation software forced me to go windows (doesn't render on the m1 chip in high quality anymore).

so here i am!

i do hope to be able not just post produce videos but find and good alternative to motion! well, let's see & wait! 😇

i am on training / process / explanatory videos! not too much on the marketing side of life! but trying to deliver something motivating, easy to digest and get complex stuff into fun to understand...

cheers & enjoy



  • KirstieT
    KirstieT Posts: 1,192 Staff

    Heya @tomek welcome to the community! Hopefully you can find a lot of value in HitFilm as a replacement in your workflow.

    Love to hear about 2D animation work - especially when it comes to explanatory videos (love me a good animated tutorial!) can you share any of your work, I'd love to see it?

  • Triem23
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    Hello! Welcome to Hitfilm! As Kirstie says, feel free to share your work. If you have any questions, ask here. The users can usually point to a tutorial or explain a How - To. Hopefully Hitfilm will be a good fit for your workflow. 👍