HitFilm Express running EXTREMELY slow

Version 2021.3 (18.0.12407.12817)

I've been using HFE for about two years now and I don't know whats been happening lately. Performance has gone down drastically since I've updated it, I looked here to see if there is a fix and was recommended updating and I did. The problem was solved for maybe an hour until it started acting this way again.

I can't move around files (if I move one clip it takes like 2-5 seconds until it responds, and I can't dare to move more than one file around), it takes long to load files in, if I scrub throughout the video I can't go to fast, if I try to import a file it takes long, if I try to snip a file it takes long. Whenever I do any of those things it stops responding and takes an average of about 20-60 seconds to respond unless I close it first. This has been happening for MONTHS, and I didn't say anything before because I havent been editing as much as I was before but its gotten to a point where I can't get anything significant done. I can't roll back to a previous version because the project files that I am working with I've already put at least 20 hours into for a 90 minute video because it has me stopping almost every time I try to get anything done.

I really really like HFE, and I want to know if there is something I'm doing wrong? Has a fix been found for this? Is there a way to roll back to a more stable build and use my project files? I need help because I have to get work done semi regularly and this is completely halting any significant progress.

I don't think it's my PC, I have:

3060ti, Ryzen 9 3900x, 32gb DDR4 running on 3200 MHz, and using an external SSD for files right now, but the problem persists if I use my Crucial P1 M.2.

Thank you to anyone that reads this and gives any advice in advance.



  • triforcefx
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    If you haven’t updated to the 2021.3 Patch #2 from April, make sure you have. They’ve fixed a lot of stability issues since the initial release

  • triforcefx
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    Also be sure to update your GPU drivers from the manufacturer’s website

  • Triem23
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    To address something else you've said, yes, Hitfilm 2021.2 and. 3 are slower than earlier versions - some of the newer features are resource intensive and the minimum specs for Hitfilm 2021.1 were a 4th gen intel i3 with an Nvidia 6xx GPU. HF 2021.2 jumped to a minimum of a 6th Gen Intel i5 and an Nvidia 10xx GPU. A substantial jump in minimum hardware.

    Unfortunately the FXhome page that used to have older Installers no longer does. You can try this site?

    Note when rolling back to an earlier version you'll need to do a full deactivate, uninstall, re-install reactivate cycle (moving forward you can just install over the older version).

    Note you cannot open projects from newer versions of Hitfilm in older versions. This makes sense, of course: Hitfilm 2021.3 added Grade Clips to the Editor. Obviously any earlier version can't understand Grade Clips, because they don't exist. Wrap up your current project before you revert or you'll have to start again.