HitFilm used for effects shots in Star Trek Fan Film

RossTrowbridge Posts: 427 Enthusiast

I've been helping out Potemkin Pictures create Star Trek fan films for several years now. While I do my main starship rendering in Electric Image (EIAS), all my FX work is done with HitFilm. In their latest film, Everything had to take place in an ion storm, so I created one with the particle simulator, and added several light flashes to give it the storm feel.

I was animating flashing lights in EIAS to have the flashes light up the starships. It was easy to move the flashing lights around in HitFilm to sync up with the flashes I had rendered. While I have always done phaser fire and shield hits in HitFilm, the torpedoes seen in this video are actually an image sequence used in Star Trek Voyager and shared by one of their production team.

Here's the link to the full video.