My back yard (videography) (vfx)


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    @iamkhanproductions I didn't expect to live through the gullet of that dragon as it moved past the camera! That was a cool extra thing :)

    I like the scene you set with the music on the water park shot, and then the sudden drop in tempo and vibrancy. Nice for letting you know what's just around the corner!

    Regarding your back-yard videography video, I liked the composition a lot, and you had some interesting shots there. I think you're almost there with the grade too, but I'd like to share some advice I got from an old colleague Simon Jones (who got it from Corridor Digital I believe). Get the grade to where YOU think it looks good, and then bring it back down 30%. We have a tendency towards the extreme as color graders, and it will help prevent an over-saturated look :)

    Looking forward to your next stuff!

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    Thanks @KirstieT thanks for your mega input. And thanks for the hot tips from the legend Simon Jones. I'll need to write this down.. good stuff!