why are my videos after exporting blurry?

il_2_sturmovik Posts: 9 Just Starting Out*

there is one example^. in the editor my videos are perfectly fine, no effects on them but after exporting some parts of my videos are broken. Theres another screenshot from the same video:

as u can see its not so bad...

im exporting in 1080p for youtube compressed,

the source file is 1440p. Please tell me if u know why this is like that.



  • littlehausbigcity
    littlehausbigcity Posts: 129 Enthusiast

    Need to know more, IE, what is your system, the CPU, GPU (graphics card), how much RAM and what OS etc, and how are you capturing it, as I assume you are using some kind of capture software to capture the game being played and what it's settings are, and be certain it's not variable frame rate as that can be an issue with just editing things if anything. You will need to capture at a fixed frame rate, say 29.97 so it's consistent all the way through.

    If you are compressing upon ingest, then again upon export, you can degrade the video quality by quite a bit and the output video quality will suffer. Otherwise, I have no clue without knowing your system and how you captured the footage.

  • KirstieT
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    It does sound like an issue with your setup specifically which is causing this issue @il_2_sturmovik - if you wanted to contact our support team directly, we could take a look at the project you have, as well as asking questions about your system specs which should shed some light. You can contact them directly at fxhome.com/ask