[FEATURE] Simple Export Like PhotoKey Pro Had

HuthPhoto Posts: 1 Just Starting Out
edited June 7 in Imerge

I've emailed support and they suggested I post it here...

With PhotoKey at end of life, I'd like Imerge to add PhotoKey's simple export workflow:

Define a layer as a background, and then export each top "subject" layer with that background.

(Also critical to keep the filename intact easily.)

FXhome support said there really is no easy way to apply each top layer (green screen keyed portrait subjects) to one fixed background layer.

So it's a one by one, or a fairly convoluted export cueing process. I really miss the ease of PhotoKey, so I'm back to using it for keying (we'll often do 30 or 40 portraits at a time, so one-by-one just isn't an option for us ).