Why does Hitfilm Express insert random clips while exporting?

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I'm trying to export a video that is roughly 6 minutes long (although I'm sure that the length of the video has nothing to do with this). Whenever I'm exporting, I see that the progress player is taking clips from another part of the video and inserting it into a part that shouldn't have the clip. Let me explain.

Basically, I have a composite shot. Inside the composite shot, I have a clip from the video I am editing. When I'm editing, I play the entire video, and everything looks good. When I start exporting and I check the progress player, a piece of another clip (one second of another clip) appears in the composite shot. I tried exporting with different options, but it stayed the same. Every time I run the video in the editor, it is fine, but whenever I export the video, a random second from a different part of the video appears in the composite shot.

I can't seem to fix this issue or find other videos/helpful tutorials to help me. How can I fix this?


  • assensy
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    I didn't understand, did you export from the composer or the editor?

    I had a similar problem with different export (different quality) of the same video from the composer and the editor. I couldn't get an answer. Just blah blah blah.

    Question: in the video do you have the effects set to change speed? Or reverse? Is the input video of constant framerate? If not, re-encode it with constant and try again.

    I had a similar problem to yours a while ago, but I don't remember how I solved it.

  • KirstieT
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    Hey @EditingGuy (cool name btw) - without seeing your project itself, I'm afraid we're not sure why these extra clips are being added. Would you be good enough to send us a support ticket where we can view your project and help you there? fxhome.com/support

    Then maybe we can come back to this thread and help anyone else who might come across this issue by sharing the solution.