Hitfilm appears to have a bug that displays things hidden by planes

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UPDATE: Apparently, having the Proxy setting activated in the Options menu did the bad stuff. Unchecking that seemed to rearrange in some strange way the timeline according to the mistakes that appeared in the exported file. I had to drag those segments to fix the problem. Anyways, it's still something very awkward. Maybe someone should take a look.

Hi, all!

I haven't connected for a while and just found out a bug that Hitfilm appears to have that made me go balistic.

So, I edited a video that contained a bank account and an email address and although I have put white planes over that data, in the final edit, Hitfilm briefly displayed the hidden data. This happens although when you play the footage, the Viewer shows everything is alright, all the hidden things are indeed hidden, but when you export the damn thing, it displays for a few frames the things you didn't want to show.

@AxelWilkinson, can somebody take care of this? I think I might not be the only one experiencing it.