Looking for action/war footage to practice

fxhomer52193 Posts: 10 Just Starting Out*

Been really struggling to find a decent long unedited sequence to practice adding muzzle flashes, blood hits, dust hits, explosions etc into. everywhere is either very short clips or fx already added, where do you guys go to get footage to practice with?


  • assensy
    assensy Posts: 55 Enthusiast

    Youtube. It's full of war-themed videos. There are also a lot of gun-themed videos with lots of shooting. A good idea is to search for videos of training camps with firearms demonstrations and training.

  • iamkhanproductions
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    may i make a suggestion..

    Not a very hot topic right now for trends on YouTube, you might want to search for you favourite city for stock footage and create a travel like edit video.. with some nice music. Lots of city stock footage on videvo.net