What's a movie where the potential couple doesn't actually end up together?

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Where they're just platonic friends instead of lovers

An example would be Mako and Raleigh from Pacific Rim not kissing at the end when they defeat the Kaijus

Actually, Pacific Rim also doesn't do some other stuff that other movies would definitely have done, such as basing the designs of the mechs on pre-existing mechs in pop culture, since Guillermo Del Toro told the designers not to do that


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    Star Wars - A New Hope, where it's so obvious a Luke/Leia romance is being set up that the comics and novels published before Empire all had the romance playing out. Lucas didn't decide they were twins until late in production of Return of the Jedi.

    Lord of the Rings, where Sam marries some tart from the Shire and breaks Frodo's heart.

    I'm kinda being smartassed tonight, but...

    The MCU where a potential Black Widow/Hulk romance came out of nowhere for no reason and just as quickly went away again a movie or two later.

    Pale Rider.

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    500 Days of Summer might count.

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    Oooh now this is an interesting question!

    Btw this "Lord of the Rings, where Sam marries some tart from the Shire and breaks Frodo's heart." made me laugh at my desk.

    Love this film called 'Life Partners' where you wonder whether they'll go the romance route but just stay best friends i.e. platonic life partners

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    On the back of the Star Wars theme posted by @Triem23 above - Finn and Rey (maybe?)

    Bev and Bill in IT chapter 2 (kinda nearly but she opts out for Ben in the end)

    Lost in Translation - ScarJo and Bill Murray

    Gravity - Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (this ends in a very final way for these two 😬)

    Aliens - Ripley and Hicks

    Silence of the Lambs - Clarice and Hannibal 🍷

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    Dirty Dancing - Penny and Johnny 😄