Viewport issue

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As in my video that I show....I have the viewport set a different color so I can see what I am doing. Instead, it flickers between the default color and the viewport color that I set.

I have the latest version of HF Pro/update

My specs are rtx 2070


32 gb ram

windows 10


  • Andy001z
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    ok I ran as best as I could same thing you did. From what I could see if I set the background colour before adding a 3d colour to say RED, once I put the 3d camera in place it overrides this back to black. I can change it to red and it all works again.

    Is the problem your 3d camera background settings are black?

    When you played the composite shot it attached as expected, removed the red, but it should of still been there when scrolling. It does on mine.

  • Andersen01498
    Andersen01498 Posts: 1,190 Enthusiast

    Hi @Andy001z

    Is this a bug or what is exactly going on. Its not very helpful if you have a black object in 3d space with the camera and the viewport is black. In many software like Maya or others you can change the viewport.

    I don't know why the viewport has a "hissy" fit when you are dealing with 3d cameras.