HitFilm takes hours loading a save file

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I need to be clear in that this does not happen all the time, this is actually the first time.

I am working on a project that has run about 40 to 50 minutes. Through the editing process I have been using numerous composite shots to order, re-order the footage and add effects where needed including sound, I suspect that this maybe the problem as it has become more difficult to load the project after each new composite shot. I think it should also be noted that almost each new composite shot I create is linked to the one that came before.

Is this assessment incorrect?

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Is there anyway to fix this problem and decrease the project load time?


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    Please detail your specs.

    To make sure I have this straight, you have composite shots inside composite shots inside composite shots and so on? How many “layers” deep do you think it goes?

    While embedded composites can be quite useful, every “layer” does add some overhead. HitFilm has to render each layer individually, then add it to the one on top of it, then continue to do that for each and every layer.

    While there may also be some underlying bugs, a lot of the speed losses may be unavoidable with your workflow. While generally speaking, your workflow should be efficient for you and your thought process, your workflow also needs be efficient for your hardware and software too.

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    Apologies, specs are below

    CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU

    Installed RAM - 16.0 GB

    GPU - Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070

    Windows 10 Home

    Version: 21H1

    Alienware Aurora R8


    Yes I have composite shots inside composite shots, it goes as deep as about 7+

    I realize that this current workflow is not a good one, so I am trying to figure out if I am at least able to finish my current project as is seeing as though I was nearing it's completion but as of now it's become a pain to even open the project as it takes hours to open if I am lucky.

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    I would suggest that you pre-render the composite shots. Right click on your comp in the Media bin, scroll down to Pre-Render, Make Pre-Renders.

    Unless you make changes to comps you'll only have to do that once. The pre-renders will be speed up the final render.

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    I agree with @Stargazer54, pre-renders would help cut down the load time on composite shots.