Compositing animated film in HitFilm 3 - any tips and tricks?

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I am and have been in slow developement of a fully animation film (will be done in a series of 3-5 minute shorts) and I am  using most likely Carrara for the animation/rendering.

I really want to use HF3 for the sfx, dust effects, fire/explosions, etc. Thinking this will do better than doing solely in my 3d package. May use Lightwave as well as I move along.

Either way. just want to know of any tips or tricks those of you who do animation have used with HF.

Love the software!


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    The main thing if you had'nt already guessed is to render yor scene in seperate layers in  png or Tif format (to preserve transparency) so you can get figures and foreground objects to interact with HitFilm's 3D elements particles etc without the need for masks. In fact a new feature in HitFilm 3 is the use of a layer as a particle emitter, so for example a spce craft can emit a trail of particles and you don't have to track or keyframe it's position as that is taken care of by the animation itself

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    That is helpful! Thanks. Like the idea of the spacecraft and particles and no need to track!

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