Recommendations for recording software for games and also settings for hitfilm express

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I have tried so many recording softwares and hitfilm express settings but i only get blurry videos. If someone has a setup working for them I would appreciate knowing it.


  • Stargazer54
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    OBS is a good choice for screen recording. I believe by default it records in Variable Frame Rate which can be problematic for editing since video editors want Constant Frame Rate. Depending on the OBS version you have, you can set it to record directly in CFR or transcode your footage before editing with Handbrake.

    When you import your footage you'll want to make sure your project settings are at least the same size or smaller than the original footage so as not to scale up the footage when rendering. If that happens your output will look soft or "blurry". HF by default will ask if you want to set your project settings to the same resolution when you drag your footage onto the timeline for the first time to aid in the process.

  • NormanPCN
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    OBS always records constant frame rate, from what I have seen. It used to have an option for CFR but no longer. At least I cannot find it. I always get CFR from OBS. OBS outputs CFR if the file container used supports constant frame rate. e.g. MP4 containers. Often MKV does not support constant frame rate.

    OBS can use software (x264) or hardware encoders for AVC. The hardware encoder will (typically) lower encoding overhead during gaming. NVENC is the name of the HW encoder for Nvidia GPUs.

    When I have recorded a game I have just used the Nvidia driver built-in recording feature. Then I have transcoded as necessary to constant frame rate. My transcode target was still the AVC codec.

  • Evan
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    Thanks for the help