[FEATURE] add snappable keyframe option

Jesseappeltje123 Posts: 1 Just Starting Out*

When you are animating a lot of keyframes and you want the animation to be pixel-perfect, it can be very frustrating to have to zoom in everytime to move the keyframes to the exact position your playhead is in.

I think it will save a lot of time to add a feature in which the keyframes snap to the playhead or the end of the clips, just like the snap tool does.


  • il_architetto
    il_architetto Posts: 4 Just Starting Out*
    Also, the snapping tool isn’t snapping while clicking shift or Ctrl at the end of each clip (Premiere and Avid have this feature)

    When we drag a clip it snaps yes, but when we want to move the slider to ensure that the snapping is at each cut, HitFilm doesn't have this feature. It would be nice to see the improvements in the snapping tool.