Disappointment over the discontinuation of the Ignite pro plugin suite.

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First of all, I would like to make it clear that this comment is not meant to be a nasty criticism. It is primarily a comment of disappointment in the face of business practices that I find problematic and disappointing from FX Home. Your company has indeed decided to stop selling the Ignite pro plugin suite. Result: I bought this pack of plugin more than 200€ to have less than 6 months of software updates on the 12 months initially promised. Here is the message from @OliThompson from November:

"We've removed Ignite from the FXhome website as of this update. We're working hard on improving a number of things including the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. Keep an eye on your emails for upcoming plugin news - you'll definitely be interested in what we're working on 😄

So it's been more than 6 months since we've had any news about the software. .If you really stop supporting the software, say it clearly. Because I'm tired of having to subscribe to news feeds by email to know if the hundreds of euros invested in your software have gone up in smoke or not. What about the support for windows 11 ? Ignite pro look more and more like abandonware... In any case, keep people better informed about the support of your products, because you risk losing more and more loyal customers.


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    I know since the merge they have been super quiet....it is pretty disappointing to say that there hasn't been a lot of transparency.

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    There must be a hidden Beta section on the forum that talks about these things. Has anyone Beta Tester come out and talk about it publicly?

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    @nalmcruto there is, indeed, a beta tester forum, but beta testers are bound by non-disclosure agreements. Anything we know, we're not aloud to discuss until it's become public knowledge. If I knew anything, I couldn't tell you. Technically I shouldn't even confirm there's a beta tester forum, but, yeah, the existence of one is pretty obvious.

    That said, regarding the future of Ignite, or any future replacement plug-in suite from FXhome - we haven't been told anything either. Oli's statement from November is as much as I, or any outside testers know.