To Transcode or not to Transcode Article


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,511 Ambassador

    Article is a good discussion, but, unfortunately, gets basic terminology wrong.

    "TRANSCODING" is a digital-to-digital conversion of one file to another, like when taking an Mp4 file and converting it to MOV, or taking a VBR Mp4 and converting it to CBR.

    This article is talking about making lower-resolution work copies to be replaced with the full-res versions on final Export, and, as we should all know, that's "PROXIES."

    To prove my point, simply look in the documentation for any NLE you care to name... Resolve, Avid, Vegas, Final Cut, Premiere, and, yes, Hitfilm all have systems for working with lower-res footage to be replaced with original high-res files on Export, and every one of those programs calls that system "Proxy(ies)"

    Videomaker is usually more accurate than that. The editor of the article must have been having an off day.

  • Andy001z
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    @Triem23 agreed, although they do mention the proxies in the article. I think the basic premise is something a lot of new editors forget. Unless you have one hell of a machine, you will suffer performance issues. Different NLE handle it in different ways but all will struggle as the media that encoded goes up in resolution.