Hitfilm 4 pro : Activation not possible

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Hi all,

I've upgraded my pc, but left the hard drive in there.

I assume that changed the Hardware ID.

The old windows installation has hitfilm, but it is no longer activated.

Then I installed windows anew. However when I start hitfilm the activation window pops up, but disappears after clicking on the "Activate & Unlock".

I've read posts like this, that refer to an activate.bat ... https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/51474/solved-activation-is-not-working

But I don't have it in my actiation folder nor could I find it anywhere.

Technical support couldn't help and declared it a legacy product.

Does anyone have any Ideas how to complete the activation?

On another PC it worked, however this is my video-editing PC and switching to an old laptop is not an alternative.

Thanks and kind regards,




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    @chrisszbond Did you try uninstalling first then reinstall? Hopefully you still have the original installer msi file. You might need to go to your account settings here - https://fxhome.com/account and de-activiate the software, re-install and then it should let you re-activate. I suspect the backend server at FXHome does not recognize your new installation as the same PC.

    [Edit] Note that when you go to your account info it will tell you which products you have activated. Scroll down to HitFilm 4 Pro. There you can select "deactivate" on the old PC name. Click on "Install Instructions" and scroll down to Step 2. There you can download the installer file for HF4.

    Older versions of Pro can be found here - https://fxhome.com/product/hitfilm-pro/updates but that only goes back to HF 6, which is probably why support is saying HF 4 is legacy.

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    @Stargazer54 yes... I uninstalled... and re-installed now multiple times.. different hard drives.. and all.. I've also de-activated it from the account page...

    There is only my laptop still in the list.. and I cannot remove it, as this is the only device that still allows me to use hitfilm.

    If it is the Backend of Hitfilm, that refuses the connection, as you say, can't they do anything about this?

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    Besides,,, the activator seems to be a chromium web-app, that does server-side connections. Is there a way to run it in debug mode, so I can see the actual error message, that crashes it (makes it disappear)?

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    FYI, Ambassadors and Moderators are not Staff, so I can only guess as to what might be going on in the backend. And I have no knowledge on how to run the web-app in debug mode. Hopefully some of the others on the list may have some insight?

    But back to the original issue with the Activation window popping up and immediately disapearing - that "might" have something to do with the age of the HF4 software (or installer) and perhaps a conflict with your newer hardware. If that is so, then you may never be able to run HF4 on your new setup. Even with updated drivers that may still be an issue. Who knows, it could be a BIOS conflict. HF4 is just old software at this point.

    If you wouldn't mind, please list your system specs on the machine in question. Maybe that could provide another clue.

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    Hi @Stargazer54 ,

    i am well aware and very thankful to you taking the time to help me on this.

    Attached you find the DX-Diag, that should contain all the information required.

    Kind regards,


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    도움이 될 것 같지 않지만 ...

    계정에서 모든 인증을 비활성화 합니다.

    방화벽을 이용해 히트필름을 차단합니다.

    히트필름 다시 시작, 인증을 시도하며 오프라인 라이센스

    키를 받을 수 있는 인터넷 주소가 표시됩니다.

    주소를 복사 인터넷 브라우저으로 접속 로그인하며 오프

    라인 라이센스키가 다운로드 됩니다.

    히트필름 인증창에서 다운받은 라이센스 키를 이용해 인증을

    시도 합니다.

    I don't think it will help, but...

    Disable all authentication on your account.

    Block the heat film using a firewall.

    Restart hit film, try to authenticate and license offline

    The Internet address where you can get the key is displayed.

    Copy the address, log in with an internet browser, and turn off

    Line license key is downloaded.

    Authenticate using the license key downloaded from the hit film authentication window.

    Try it.