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I would love to see the ability to import AAF into HF. If you can export it why can't we import it. It would be nice if someone made their edits in a different program and brought their final clip into HF


  • Triem23
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    Yeah. HF had AAF import/export added in 16. It's now a deprecated feature and has been removed.

    Here's the thing about AAF. It doesn't work well. Basically, you can transfer cuts only. All effects, all transitions, all audio mixing goes away, and this is because of the different capabilites of different hosts. As a random example, it's impossible to transfer the "Gradient Wipe" transition from Vegas to Hitfilm as HF doesn't have a Gradient Wipe while a Displacement effect from Hitfilm is impossible to transfer to Vegas because Vegas doesn't have a Displacement effect.

    I beta tested HF 16 when AAF was added in and tried transferring AAF to and from Hitfilm, Vegas, and Resolve, and I even sent out an AAF file to a friend with Avid and Premiere and had him send AAF files exported from those programs back to me.

    Number of times ANY AAF from ANY host imported correctly into any other host. Zero. Every single time there were massive problems, and these were super simple tests - one layer of edited video with original audio and a music track... Usually every edit would move the next audio segment to a new track. Or the video segments all ended up on separate tracks. The amount of time I spent cleaning up AAF errors was in excess of the time I took editing the test projects to begin with.

    My test projects were shared with other testers as well who had the same issues. This was consistent on Mac and PC.

    During this period I was also beta testing Vegas and the new version of Vegas in beta removed AAF as HF was adding it.

    To repeat - AAF doesn't work.

    As a feature already added then removed again, I think it's highly unlikely AAF will ever return.