Can HitFilm Express handle 5K video?

pro24 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
I just found HitFilm and was quite excited to use it on my 360 videos (Insta360 One X). It appears however that HitFilm cannot handle 5K file export. I load the raw video in Insta360 Studio and do an export as mp4. That plays back fine on Windows and I can upload that to Youtube.

When I go to create a new project and load it into HitFilm, the New Project dialog has me picking a resolution. I'd like to say 5760x2880 (5K) but the settings dialog only goes to 4096x2160. Is there a way to get it to handle these larger files?


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,603 Ambassador

    No. 2160 is the absolute limit to vertical resolution in Hitfilm Express (I'm not actually certain about 4096 being an absolute horizontal limit).

    Hitfilm Pro will handle 5.7k, 6k, 8k or higher resolutions with a powerful enough GPU.