Do bad accents in movies bother you or do you just not take much notice?

echida Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

For me, they don’t bother me.

I’m Irish and if you’ve ever seen a movie where a non Irish actor tries to do an Irish accent, they can’t, well, they can but they’re always super exaggerated so I’m used of seeing movies where a character is Irish, is played by a non Irish actor and the Irish accent they attempt to do being exaggerated as ****, so bad accents just don’t bother me. It’s not just Irish accents but English accents, American accents, Australian accents, Spanish accents etc etc. None of them bother me and I can still enjoy a movie despite how bad an accent may be?


  • Marshall2000_uk
    Marshall2000_uk Posts: 187 Enthusiast

    Sometime it does. I've heard some terrible English accents in movies by American actors and some terrible American accents by British Actors and i've noticed it and its made me laugh pulling me out of the movie but I think most of the time its fine.