Importing image sequences from Poser

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  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

    "The video frame cannot be loaded" 

    I keep getting blanks in image sequences that were working perfectly in HF2

  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

    "The video file cannot be loaded," the message i get in the trimmer window for a significant proportion of my render files (png sequences created in Poser Pro 2014) when importing image sequences. The same files that this applies to can be imported a single images and as previously stated the sequences work without a problem in HF2. I've also tried re-exporting as a png seq from HF2 and then they do load in HF3. Link is to dropbox copy of the folder for anyone who cares to test it

    SteamZep image sequence

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    FlickeringLight I just had a quick look at your image sequence and the issue is that some of the images contain alpha and some other don't. It is indeed a regression in HF3 but we're working on it and it should hopefully be fixed soon.

    In the meantime, to import it in HF3, you can convert all images to be 32 bit PNGs.

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    @TooshkaWinConway Thanks for looking and confirming that I wasn't going nuts, 

    @CedricBonnier, thanks also, I'm not sure I understand how consecutive frames can contain alphas and others not, the render is of a 3D object flying inside an environment sphere with no opacity, glad to hear that the problem is being addressed, as it stands having opened the project in HF3 I've lost many hours of work as HF3 projects are not retro compatible. The idea of converting thousands of png's is not really workable.

    @Triem23, yes it's a minor glitch and I'm not using the orientation for animation but to set an initial position before animating but it is annoying not to be able to choose to "look" left or right without having to go round in a circle.


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    Hey @FlickeringLight, I was with Cedric when he investigated the issue. We looked at the frames which were not loading at they were 24-bit images, where some of the other images (the first image and the other which were loading) were 32-bit.

    HF3 didn't like the imagestream files not all being the same bit depth. If you convert them all the 24-bit or 32-bit (which exporting from HF2 would have done) then it should work fine. We are going to work on this, but there is a simple fix at the moment which is having all the images the same bit depth.

    Hope that helps :)

  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

    @ JoshuaDavies, thanks for the explanation, not sure how I can implement your suggestion though, the variation must be something that is happening as part of Poser's render engine, I exported as a continuous sequence frames 1 to 360, I've subsequently exported the same project as Tif's which did load without isues in HF3. When I can face it I'll run all the png's through HF2 to standardise them then remake the project, copying and pasting effects, keyframes etc as I go. There were only 30 or so comp shots in the project :(

  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

    @ JoshuaDavies, thanks, I look forward to the fix, I'll hold back on the rework as I have a little time before the first public showing for that sequence, Dec 18th at Camden Underworld.

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    I've split this discussion out of the release post into its own issue, so that it can be properly tracked.

    Here's a post from Josh which didn't quite survive the transition:

    "@FlickeringLight great that it is working with tif files but we'll be working on a fix anyway. Thanks for letting us know about the issue."

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    Having investigated and discussed this issue further, we've decided that this is actually a bug specific to a particular Poser export mode, rather than a fault of HitFilm 3 Pro.

    That this kind of image stream could be imported in HitFilm 2 was actually something of an anomaly rather than by design.

    The problem with allowing import of an image format which fundamentally changes its attributes at random intervals (in this case the presence of an alpha channel) is that it can lead to highly unpredictable results. As such, we feel the wisest course of action is to leave HitFilm 3 Pro's current behaviour as-is regarding this issue.

    We'd recommend using different export modes from Poser which don't have this issue, such as the TIF format you've mentioned.

    Regarding existing image sequences you already have, these can be batch converted to a standard format. You could actually do this simply by running them through HitFilm 2 and re-exporting to a new image stream. There are probably free batch conversion utilities available as well.

    I hope you understand our reasoning on this one - we don't want to re-introduce a potentially unreliable element into HitFilm in order to provide a workaround for what appears to be an issue in another software product.

    If you've got any questions give us a shout.

  • FlickeringLightFlickeringLight Website User Posts: 58

    @SimonKJones, thankyou for your efforts in investigating this, I'll be exporting TIFs from now on. I've had a chance to do some more tests both in Poser and Hifilm, first thing to note is that the issue does not arise in Poser png sequences of isolated figures, presumably because the alpha is consistent, The variation  you described only affected HF's import image sequence function, the offending png's when sequenced in a comp or the editor play without problems. After some further Poser tests, I suspect that the culprit is the envronment sphere, or more particularly it's shader tree in conjunction with png format, so my apologies for adding to your stress.

    As you suggested I re-exported through HF2 and have been able to salvage the project and continue in HF3. I also discovered that image sequence import is dependant on folder name not content title, I got the locate file dialogue  when HF3 detected something different going on with the folder content bbut once the folder path was re-established import continued as normal. This may come in handy in future for content swapping in templates.

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