Editing step through of one of my landscape photos in Imerge 2021.6

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Good morning, it has been a while since I posted on here. Some of you will know my name from the customer support side of FXhome, but as of the middle of April, I moved over to the QA team to work on testing Imerge Pro full time and also HitFilm as and when required.

I thought I would show you a little of what I have been editing in Imerge Pro while testing this amazing editing program.

This shot I am editing was taken while on a trip up to the North West of Scotland a few weeks ago with a group of friends and was taken during a 70mph storm that came in off the coast. It is a 1-sec exposure and shot with the Fujifilm X-T3 camera and 10-24mm lens at f/10 for those that like that information. 

This place is so remote, as remote as you can get in the UK, with no towns for miles, just isolated crofts, family homes, farmhouses and the random cluster of 4-5 houses every now and then when do drive along the single track roads for miles.

2 of my friends checking out the views and incoming storm.

The effects I used to edit the image are:

A solid layer for the canvas/border and a text layer applied to that

Adjustment layer 1 (Colour + details)


Split Toning

Tone colouring

Tone map

High pass sharpen

Adjustment layer 2 (Highlights on Waves)

Exposure and a brush mask. These are used on low opacity and softness up high to add extra whites to the sea swell movement on the rocks, gently adding a little bit at a time.

Without the effect

With the effect

Adjustment layer 3 (Cloud details)

Exposure and clarity along with a gradient mask to add depth to the clouds

The final image.