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BenDolce Conway, SCPosts: 3 Just Starting Out*
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My first Hitfilm project. Doesn't hold a candle to other stuff on here, but it's my first and you never forget your first! Thought I would share in hopes I may get some constructive feedback. The banner animation was part of a free online template, but everything else I did from scratch.


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    BenDolce Conway, SCPosts: 3 Just Starting Out*
  • Stargazer54
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    Looks good! Pretty impressive for your first project.

    Just personal preference - I probably wouldn't have used the sound clip with the logo. Kind of sounds like swarming bees and creates some tension that really doesn't go with the design. I would have picked something more techno, but again - just personal preference.

  • BenDolce
    BenDolce Conway, SCPosts: 3 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks for the comment Stargazer54.

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    1. Good timing with logo after the banner is gone. Personally i prefer single-letter reveals rather than revealing whole sequence, especially when it comes to longer inscriptions and longer movement - it looks way better when animating them letter by letter rather than moving it as a whole.
    2. Final Zoom In - it has very sharp beginning and too smooth ending - we see signet and logotype for too long at the very end. Try changing whole keyframes to bezier to balance them. And watch out on zooming scale - logotype zooms visibly more than green Signet.
    3. Movement - i would avoid combining different movement directions as often it doesn't fit. Signet + logotype goes zoom in while Claim goes down - it doesn't fit. I would make them go with one direction, or if you want that more fancy, try with OPPOSITE directions - Signet+logotype zoom in and zoom OUT claim - should be better (or not😅 don't know how it would look in this paticular case).
    4. If you wanna go to a higher level - try making Composite shot on green Signet and animate it with details such as flashing dots and radial reveal of whole @ sign.

    I keep my finger crossed for your next stuff! 🙂