What do you think of 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'?

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I've heard so many things about this film with Michelle Yeoh, and the unique camera shots and cinematography in the trailer is absolutely blowing my mind - but we can't see it in the UK until May 13th!!

Those of you who've seen it, is it worth the hype? Let me know what you thought (with no spoilers please!!)

Here's the trailer for those of you who haven't seen it:


  • philipwesson
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    I've been Michelle Yeoh fan since Wing Chun (which is also the martial art that I study). She constantly amazes me with her ability to perform both physical and emotional roles on par with anyone on the screen. When I saw this trailer, I immediately watched it again about three or four times.

    Then I saw the movie.

    Holy crap this is going to win all the awards. Michelle Yeoh needs more roles like this, and honestly, writers need to be writing more stories like this. Framing the story around an aging immigrant mother who is trying to be everything, but succeeding at nothing is a unique way to put us into the movie. Anyone who has wanted to do more, or questioned the choices that led them to where they are now, and grieving the life they could have had, versus the life they live need to see this movie.

    It was touching, hilarious, absurd, emotional, lovely, and in a world where so many films are formulaic, UNIQUE!

    I highly recommend everyone watch this. I plan on seeing it again, and maybe getting the A24 book about it.

    tl;dr: Michelle Yeoh can do anything, and this film was spectacular.