How to apply light layer to video?

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I understand that the light layer won't work on 2D layers like video. However, I'm hoping I can apply the light to a layer like a plane, lower the opacity, and apply that over the video like any other composite. I can't seem to get it to work though. I can't even seem to find the correct layer to just have a light effect come across. Can anyone help me please?

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    For a light layer to interact with a plane layer the plane needs to be 3D.

    What else are you doing in the scene? If you're just trying to have the light hit the video like it's, say, a card lying on a table being lit then just make the video layer 3D and hit it with a light. If you're trying to figure out a trick to have the light kind of behave like it's illuminating things within the video layer.... that's a lot trickier.

    YOu could create a 50% gray plane (RGB values 128, 128, 128), make it 3D, light it and change it's blend mode to something like Overlay, Soft Light or Hard Light, but you'll basically end up with a similar effect to just making the video layer 3D and lighting that.