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Hello everyone, I'm sure you all know who it is again making yet another post to ask for some help.

So I just saw the "Edit faster" video by FX Home, downloaded the template, but I'm struggling to find out how to install it so I can use it for every project.

I tried extracting it (Even though it says "Copy Me") because isn't that what you normally do to install something?

After I tried that, I closed then re-opened hitfilm and tried searching for it in the "Installed Templates" but to no surprise, It wasn't there. so I tried it another way, I deleted the extracted folder and just copy and pasted the downloaded folder (Because whats the point in copying something and not pasting it?)

Again, after that I re-opened hitfilm and I looked in the "Installed Templates" and guess what? It still wasn't there, So no I have no idea what to do to install it. If extracting and copying and pasting it doesn't work, What else is there to do?

If anyone can help me out, you would be a life saver, quiet literally.

Thank you!



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    The templates you're referring to were created using Hitfilm's "Publishing" feature. So, this tutorial will show you how to set up your own published templates as well as install any you might get from another source.

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    Ok, so.. How do I either make my own from scratch or import the one I already have downloaded? I can figure ot how to use them no problem but I just struggle with installing and importing them.

    It's not the default templets im after, I prefer the ones I can make and use myself. Also where exactly is this "publish feature"? I can't seem to find the button...

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    Watch the tutorial again. Axel goes into how to create your own custom templates at around 3:15. He goes through it pretty quickly so be prepared to follow along with your HF program open and pause and back up the tutorial video to review each step as needed. I think the key is to create your template in a composite shot, "publish" the properties that will become editable, then export the composite shot and re-import. All steps are in the tutorial.