Hitfilm EXPRESS crashes when I press on grade layer or I edit it

smarthorse Posts: 1 Just Starting Out*
edited April 15 in HitFilm

When ever I press on the the layer either any option of the drop list or just to select it, my hitfilm crashes.

It seems to be the only layer that does this...

This is all I can do. Only the drop lists.

It could be performance issues however like I've said before, this is the only layer it crashes on; I would say I have other grade layers that are more resourceful.

Is there any way I can copy the effects of the grade layer?

  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ
  • Nvidia GTX 960M
  • Windows 10 1909
  • 12Gb (8 OEM & 4GB added)
  • Laptop - Lenovo Y50