[ENHANCEMENT] Replace [MEDIA], [PLANE], etc tags in Timeline panel with icons to create extra space.

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i like having plenty of space on my timeline to see my keyframes. some of the things that are included alongside the names could really be shortened so as to conserve space.

i was thinking that the types of layers, [MEDIA], [GRADE], [PLANE] and such could be condensed into a symbol that will tell you what type of layer it is if you hover over it.

you don't have to combine the layer type icon and the label icon. you could even keep the icon in the same place as it was before, it would still save space. however, in the case of my concept art, hovering over will tell you both the layer type and the label.

change the parent button to some kind of small button. if it's filled, it has a parent. if it's unfilled, it has no parent. if you hover over the button, it immediately reveals which layer is its parent.

most importantly, to parent it to another layer, click the button and the next layer you select will be the one it parents to. press esc to cancel parenting.

if you click the button while it has a parent, it will automatically let you replace the parent, if you click on the same layer that you're trying to parent to another layer, it will remove the parent. alternatively you can select multiple layers, right click and click some button that says remove parents.

if you select multiple layers and press the parent button, they will all replace their parent (or lack of a parent) with the same layer you select.

overall, this would save space and the parenting would be more convenient, as the title says.

now i know what you're thinking, "that's the most professional and convincing concept art I've ever seen, take my money." and while i would thank you, i, unfortunately, cannot be hired at the moment because I'm going for the big bucks to make millions with my professional skills. for now, i simply want these convenient features in my favorite free editing software because I'm totally not making videos because don't have the professional skills that i speak of, such a thing would be preposterous to assume. now I'm off to find my out where my own parent went to buy milk.


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    This is very unlikely. This is happen because Even AE has this functionality. I personally like seeing what my layers are parented to. However I would like to see a pick whip that will be easier to work with.

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    ay i thought my post was deleted.

    I've just reorganized my workspace so that i have more space to work with. the suggestions above would be cool but unlikely and unneeded because of the amount of effort they require to add and because there are already workarounds available.

    all i did was combine the panels i wasn't going to use at the same time. and make the timeline really wide

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    @SirLewisFRostBite Actually, IMHO replacing the text labels for things like [MEDIA], [GRADE], [PLANE], etc with some sort of icon is pretty good. I'll upvote that. The space saved could be given over to a Layer's name, which would add a few - oft needed - characters.

    For "easier parenting," I suggest you go up-vote this thread:

    FYI, I will ask you to read this thread. Your headline didn't match the requested format (I've rewritten it), and we do try to keep a single request per thread as upvoting multiple requests can be a little unclear. In this case, one might agree with "easier parenting," but disagree with the icons idea. Given that there's an existing thread for the pick-whip, I've removed that part of your headline (while leaving it in your comment), to focus on the unique idea you've had - icons replacing text in layer headings. Incidentally, I don't actually like your idea about replacing the "Parenting" drop-down with an icon. I do some insane point chains as a matter of course and, seeing a parented layer at a glance instead of having to hover over a button is certainly much better for MY workflow!

    Consolidating panels in the Workspace is always a smart idea. Don't forget in the Workspaces menu you can save and load your custom workspaces. Also, in the File>Options menu there's an option to "Save Workspace with Project." I turn this on. It's useful when transferring Hitfilm to a new computer as, that way I don't have to rebuild my custom workspaces, I just open a project using one of them, then save it to that machine.

    BTW, I suggest putting the EXPORT panel into the same container as the VIEWER. The Export Panel takes up a lot of screen real estate (a legacy from when Exports used to be a totally different screen), and the VIEWER is almost always the single largest panel. Makes the Export Panel easy to read and easy to access. Really, in the same container as the viewer is the only SANE place to stick it.