Updates in general?

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It's been a while since we have had an update....I really hope that this year's subscription of "free" updates doesn't go to waste. Does anyone have an idea when we can see something new since the merge with Artlist?


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    Ask and ye shall receive. Looks like an update for HFE just dropped.

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    @Stargazer54 well, I think Dane was hoping for a substantial update to Pro.

    The Express update has a couple other bug fixes in it, but it looks like it's mostly about fixing the Win 11 render dropout bug.

    Dane, I'd written a long comment under the last Film Empire tutorial, but, either I never actually posted it or Jamie deleted it.

    The most relevant bit - it's public knowledge FXhome is expanding the workforce by several hundred percent. It's also public knowledge (from his social media posts) at least one dev recently left the company. This does mean the vast majority of the dev team are new to the company and the software, and they all have to be trained up. A short term slowdown (we hope) for the new programmers to play catch up with a long term benefit of faster development.

    I think FXhome anticipated this, and that's a big part of why they didn't do a Black Friday sale last year. I don't have subscriber numbers (and couldn't discuss them if I did as that would absolutely come under my NDA), but, with the old model of one version update per year being in November, and the Black Friday sale being the biggest, I think FXhome took the short term hit of many subscribers letting their update license expire to attempt to mitigate this dry spell. With the plan being for a heavy blitz when the next version is released.

    Speculation, of course... But, Javert dropped on the Discord that the logo is gonna change and they only do that for major updates.