[ENHANCEMENT] ability to have variable number of mask tangent points over clip duration

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I have often praised the masking in Hitfilm as some of the easiest to apply. In fact for me at least it is the easiest to apply, Easy to rearrange and zoom in and out moving around the image. That part is great. But it seems to have one massive flaw, and I don't know why they have it work this way. Maybe there is an option I'm missing, that would be great if there was. But the problem goes something like this diagram

Imagine this triangle as an animated mask. When we get to the 3rd keyframe we add an additional anchor point. As a result of doing this the shape of the original key frame changes as if that anchor point has always been there. This is extremely frustrating for longer more complicated animated masks. And the only way I know to get around it is to create all the anchor points you are going to use from the get go. So the simple way to improve masking is to simply not retroactively add those anchor points.