That's my Pitch new channel/new series

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Hi all. So I've started another new channel. Some of you may know me from my food channel whatchef or my filmmaking channel, Solo Samurai. This new channel is called "that's My pitch" kind of a passion project as I've been writing original screenplays for sometime and always have ideas for exisiting franchises so thought why not make them into videos. I plan for live streams, interviews and reviews in the future all with the theme of pitching ideas.

The process for making these videos has been extremely fun.

1. I write and record the voice over.

2. Search for images online (usually of characters) and/or go take photos myself for all backgrounds and other elements

3. Enhance/resize images with topaz ai software.

4. Do some general Photoshop tweaks, edits and alterations to give a unique look.

5. Run a Photoshop action I created to give them either a painted or sketched look.

6. Assemble, composite and animate the images in Hitfilm Pro. Adding music and sound FX.

7. Add any additional VFX in Hitfilm Pro or drop elements from production crate in.

8. Render and upload.

Below are some videos I'm proud of.

My pitch for a Mortal Kombat Tv series based on Subzero

10 ideas for Mortal Kombat sequel

Transformers reboot

Many more on way. Feedback welcome so come check out the channel